Our Founders:
Jeffery Hamilton 
Cindy Brookshire 
Donna Reid 
Melissa Dooley

The Original "4 Cups Selma"

Zena Hamilton-Rose - 
Coffee on Raiford

Photo Credit Proverbs Photography
Photo Credit Proverbs Photography

Learn More About Coffee on Raiford

Kim Wooten & Logan Boykin- Selma Jewelry

Photo Credit Proverbs Photography

Learn More About Selma Jewelry

Ron & Heidi Hester - 
Barbetta, LLC & Heidi Hester, CPA

Ron and Heidi Hester

Learn More About Heidi Moore, CPA

Spook Joyner  - 
Live @ The Rudy

Learn More About Rudy Theatre

Michael Sneed - 
Old Fashioned Ice Cream

Photo Credit Proverbs Photography

Learn More About Old Fashioned Ice Cream

George Boyd - 
Trackside Antiques

Learn More About Trackside Antiques

Sergio Benitez - 
Sola Creations

Photo Credit Proverbs Photography

Learn More About Sola Creations

Chandler Pernell - 
Call Pernell, Inc.

Learn More About Call Pernell

Kristina - 
The Southern Bostonian

Learn More About The Southern Bostonian

Robert & Adele Walker - Walkers Treasure Box

Learn More About Walker's Treasure Box

Jean Kelly - Sarah Sheraski - Lynn Stanley - 
My Kids Club

Learn More About My Kids Club

Lisa Valesquez and Ken Gossett - Hank E. Panky Farm

Learn More about Hank E. Panky Farm

Evelyn & James Costelloe - Selma Residents

Evelyn & James moved back to Selma after many years' hiatus and found their beloved community needed help they are willing to give.

Eric Jackson - Max G. Creech Selma Historic Museum

Learn More About the Museum

Chantilly Lucas - Aesthetician and Selma Open Mic Hostess

Learn More Triangle East Writers Group

Dr. Kayla Sagester & Dr. Mindi Jenkins - Brio Wellness Center

Learn More About Brio Wellness

Leslie Averill - Cluttered Minds Gallery

Learn More About Cluttered Minds Gallery

Darryl Washington - American Legion Post 141 Selma

Learn More About the American Legion

Pastor Todd Daniels - On Beat Drum Ministry

Learn More About On Beat Drum Ministry

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